Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kate runs LLS Marathon for ME!

With her "GO KATE!" sign Lili got into the spirit of the marathon with some silly photos! We want to encourage Kate to the finish line. GO KATE!

That's right our friend Kate Langbein is running the Nike Marathon for Leukmeia & Lymphoma Society this weekend in San Francisco. I am so jealous! For several reasons:

1) Kate can run a whole marathon (My dream to be a long distance runner and wear cute hot pink shorts has never really worked out. Bet lots of you didn't know that huh? Comes from watching olympics on a black & white tv in the 60's, and attending lots of my brother's track meets as a kid. Dream big, run a marathon.)

2) Also, Kate is running in San Fransico, one my my favorite places on earth! (I haven't been to each of your towns, as I am sure they are all wonderful, but I do love some San Fransico!)

Other than jealousy, I am very proud of Kate taking on a marathon for her own health, and for those of us fighting leukemia or lymphoma. Cancer is a difficult journey every day for several reasons. Some days feel very lonely with a soreness kinda like I ran a 20 mile race, and some days my wallet is sore. No doubt the marathon is difficult, and at times no matter how many people surround you on the track, the race is personal and difficult. Kate is a hard worker, and determined, so I know she is always successful in what she does. What an inspiration! GO KATE!

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) directly supports me with financial assistance for transportaion/parking for medical visits. The LLS also supports patients with lots of information, support groups, and matching patients with other patients to gather more information about our own marathon. I appreciate the LLS and their research into medicines and therapy for the diseases. It's wonderful that Kate has taken on this challenge and is also supporting a worthy cause.

If you would like to visit Kate's fundraising site, please check out this link:

To those of you who have already contibuted from my previous email. THANK YOU!!! You are all stars in the sky to keep me going through this long journey of leukemia.

Here's Kate's fundraising letter sent out around the world! Enjoy, and thanks again. Kate is the lovely one in the middle of this photo.

FROM KATE: As you know I am crazy about running - I run when it's beastly hot as it was yesterday and I run when it's freezing cold. I became a runner through the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society's (LLS) Team in Training program and I am back for a third time. I wish I could say it was just because I love running but this time I am running the Nike Women's Half Marathon on October 19th in honor of my friend Rhonda Radliff.

Rhonda's chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) was diagnosed in November 2007 and fittingly I found out when I was on my way to another race. Doing another season with the team in her honor was the second thing that popped into my head after the first "it's not fair". Cliche as it may sound Rhonda has a heart bigger than her home state of Texas, an amazingly generous spirit that welcomed her daughter Lili into her life three years ago and impact felt round the world (literally as she has worked for two multi-national investment banks in her career). Even though she was my client, Rhonda became a professional mentor and friend to me as I was learning my way through the institutional equities business. We share a love of dark chocolate, champagne, and have been known to pick out the same pair of shoes in a store. She gives of herself every day - to her daughter, family, friends and faith community - and I can think of nothing more that I would like to do but give back. Rhonda's CML is almost in remission, but she remains on drug regimen to keep her CML at bay, including the second generation of drugs that received their initial research grant money from the Leuekemia and Lymphoma Society.

In addition to funding cut-edge drug research, the Society also supports newly diagnosed patients with access to information, support groups and financial support. The Team in Training program is the largest fund-raiser for the Society and has helped 360,000 people to the finish line of an endurance event while raising more than $850 million dollars.

Any amount you can contribute helps as little as $25 can fund a conference call to provide information to newly diagnosed patients. My online donation page can be reached at:

If you'd prefer to write a check make it payable to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and mail it to me: 10105 Meredith Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20910

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